New Manager working part time from home….


Jackie West has done it. Brand new MANAGER heading for £2000 a month working part time from home!!!!!
So so proud of you Jackie. You are a strong and determined lady! You deserve this especially after all you’ve been through losing your mum. I knew you were Leadership material the first phone call we had. You’ve stayed focused and true to your goals. You are a hard worker and such an inspiration to everyone. Your team love and adore you and so do we. You’ve certainly earned your place on the Leaders Academy! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa
This is so just the beginning for you and your lovely family. Congratulations to you and Phil. Your future is looking good! Well done to your fabulous team, you’ve got some amazing people in your team and its just a matter of time for them to be able to work part time from home for their full time incomes too…..