Mentorship: Why do you need a Mentor?


What is so good about having a Mentor?

That’s a good question. You might think that having a mentor is either of waste of time (how do you know the mentor is any good or not?), or they are going to be too costly to hire.

Firstly, when considering mentorship, you need to do some homework before you contact any potential mentors. Ask yourself some question about why you would like a mentor:

  1. What do I want a mentor to help me with in my business?
    • Do I need expertise in finance, product development, marketing or sales, for example?
  2. What sort of mentor do I want?
    • Mentorship is about connecting with someone who shares the same values as you. You will need to get on with your mentor in a number of ways for the relationship to work.
  3. Will my investment in a mentor be worthwhile?​
    • Some people believe that having a mentor means they can earn between £4,000 and £20,000 per year more than our colleagues who don’t have a mentor.

Mentorship means challenge

A mentor is not going to do the work for you. They will challenge you and guide you through the difficult decisions you will have to make as your business develops. They will help you with their expertise to think through what is right for you and your business. Their guidance will help you avoid mistakes and keep you focused on what you need to do to succeed.

When you choose a mentor think about the following:

Choose a mentor who:

  1. Knows your industry and who has experience in it.
  2. Has personal experience in knowing what it takes to succeed in that industry.
  3. Will inspire and empower you to achieve more than you thought you were capable of achieving.
  4. Has great connections in your industry to accelerate your success.
  5. Will help you reduce your anxiety because they have been where you are now and know where you want to be.
  6. Gives you a real world point-of-view and not something which sounds nice but which won’t help you to succeed.

​Business is always challenging. Why make it harder on yourself by making the same mistakes over and over again. A good mentor will challenge, support and inspire you. You will have to put int the work to succeed. But, it will be much easier if you choose a good, strong mentor with direct experience in your industry.

If you want more insights in mentorship, have a look at Catherine Adenie’s article here for more reasons why you should have a mentor.

Okay, so you’re convinced, you need a mentor – now how do you choose a mentor that is right for you?

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