Does Setting Goals Really Work?

setting goals - man in zermatt

Does setting goals work? There is much information regarding goals online and in print, and whether they work or not.  Some articles and books are positive about the importance and impact of setting goals. Some of aren’t positive.

Whatever you think of setting goals, there is one certainty about them – we all set goals in our lives. It’s just that we may not realise it.

For instance, you have an alarm clock to wake you up in the morning to get to work. You have to get up, because you need to be at your desk, or in your workplace by 9am. To get there on time, you have a series of mini-goals in place. These small goals ensure you up early enough to wash, dress, eat breakfast, get into your car and drive through the traffic to walk through the door on time.

You know that if you hit those goals you will get to work on time. Each goal is part of a bigger plan or objective – Get to work on time!

Setting goals at work?

The problem often occurs at work when people don’t set goals for themselves to get through the tasks to do their jobs. You might have a project which you have been tasked to do. But, imagine you’ve not been given a time by which you need to complete the project. If there is no specific date or time by when you need to complete it, there is less incentive to get on with the task.

It is easy to drift along without a deadline or a goal.

Most people don’t set goals. Setting goals fills them with anxiety about failure. They might think they will appear foolish by not achieving their goal. Setting goals seems like a waste of time. Have a look at this article on why people who set goals (only 20% of the population) often fail.

Life without setting goals

Life without settings goals can be listless. If you don’t have goal, what’s going to spur you on? A goal helps you make plans. It helps you develop plans and strategies to achieve your goals.

But, with no goal, how can you hope to be successful?

Goal setting helps you study and understand what you need to achieve your goal. And, once you have achieved one goal, you will realise it was not as difficult as you thought. Your goal, your plan and your actions made it possible to do it.

I have used goal setting for a long time now in setting goals for where I want to be in my business and so I know they work and how to use them.

In my next blog I will discuss the different types of goals and how you can make more empowering goals.

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Joshua Earle