Believe in yourself: It’s the main key to success

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Learning to believe in yourself and having confidence

Around 80% of learning to believe in yourself and having confidence is your head. And, believing in yourself is about having the right approach in your mind to build it.

​When you don’t believe in yourself, you can feel low, unstable or vulnerable. You might find it hard to stand up for yourself at work. You might feel like other people push you around. It could be that you don’t feel confident enough to speak up for yourself in situations at work or at home. Not believing in yourself can feel frustrating. You don’t get what you want. Other people seem to dominate you too easily. It’s easy not to feel good about yourself when you don’t believe in yourself. When you doubt yourself, it can feel emotional.

Building belief in yourself

You have to learn to control your emotions when you start learning to believe in yourself. This is especially true when you lead a team. Your team will thrive on your self-confidence when they see you believe in yourself. And, when leading your team you will need to teach everyone in the team to control their emotions too.

You can start to build your own confidence by reading the books recommended to you by your manager. Listen to CDs and podcasts your manager suggests. In them, you will learn what you need to do to build your self belief. You will hear other people’s stories and methods they used to transform their work and personal lives. You will see what you need to do to succeed, to build a successful business.

I teach how to use a scale of 1-10 in terms of knowledge you need to succeed. If 10 is all the knowledge you need then ask yourself, where are you on that scale in terms of previous experience and skill set. I actually believe I came in at about minus 3, which means I had to do the learning to even get onto the continuum!

​It is not a problem where we are so long as we stay the course to get the skill set up to 10. Someone else with an already formed skill set of say 7, maybe they have already run business’ or been successful in their careers. They might further down this road with not as much to learn, which might intimidate you. You might feel unable to catch up with their knowledge and success. But this is your journey. It doesn’t help to compare yourself to others because we are all different. You can be a good, strong person to succeed. You will have set backs on your journey. To succeed you need to believe in yourself, develop your knowledge, learn from your mistakes and build a ‘thick skin’ to handle the disappointments.

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