About us

Team Yolo are a team of ordinary people achieving extraordinary things. We have grown into a dynamic group leading the way in changing lives, helping people to live the dream. We come from different backgrounds, all different walks of life but work together united for the same goal of freedom, peace of mind and along the way having lots of FUN….

Here is just one of the success stories…


profileWith a 17 year successful career in the NHS I now wanted flexible work around my son. I was introduced to the concept of running my own home-based business under the umbrella of a large company that would support me. This appealed because I knew I could do it if I was going to be supported and trained well. The training is a “hand-holding” exercise which has exceeded my expectations. The other attraction for me was an opportunity to help people with their health and wealth. I wanted to be able to sleep at night and knowing I was entering into an ethical organisation has made that possible, we work alongside a very special company.

Over 10 years on I now have my own thriving business turning over close to a million pounds year. This has allowed me to stay at home with my son fitting a business in and around the nooks and crannies of my time. I work part-time to fit around school, about 25 hours a week now instead of 60 hours. I did not want to have a child as an accessory but to be there for the ‘waking’ moments and I have developed a residual full-time income.

This business has given me more than money, it has given me confidence and has been brilliant for self-development. It has helped me to understand what taking responsibility truly means. It has given me tools for parenting. It has given our son confidence because of that.

It has given us a new company car, global travel and a share of the company profits.

It has given us choices so that when we realised that our son wasn’t getting the support he needed at our local village school, we could move him to a private school in Cambridge paid for by this business.

Most importantly, as a family this business has given us peace of mind. I am not driven by money, I am driven by time. ….we will never get this time again…..we are making the most of this precious stage of our son’s life. This is a lifestyle business……